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getting started...


In an effort to find new motivation to eat healthfully and exercise regularly I discovered the world of food + fitness blogs.  Amazing.  So many resources out there that I never knew of!  I decided that the ultimate motivator for me could be writing about my own progress, so here I am!  I have no idea if I will ever make this public...for now I am excited just to have my own visual and verbal diary in which to record my struggles and my triumphs.  So here goes!!!

The timing is perfect.  Tomorrow is Nov. 1st, and being the slightly OCD person that I am I always feel better when I have a logical start date.  You know, like the first of the month.  Or Monday.  Or the day after a big holiday.  Also, tomorrow I am starting a program to train for the Charlottesville 10-Miler, one of the hilliest and most challenging 10-mile races in the country!  I participated in the program last year but had to stop just shy of my goal due to injury (more on that later).  

That's all for now.  I will update my story and reasons for keeping this blog sometime this weekend, and will officially start tracking my efforts tomorrow!  WooHoo!  :)