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sunday recap


We've had a beautiful, but CHILLY day here in Virginia!  I slept in 'till about 8am, and met my buddy Christine for a hilly walk around the neighborhood.  We were pretty slow today because we had her dog with us and he's a big sniffer, but it was still a nice, hilly 3-mile walk in just under an hour.  

After that I made a quick breakfast and spent some time catching up on a few blogs.  


1 tbsp almond butter spread on a piece of my banana apple bread and a cereal bowl filled with 1/2 cup Kashi H2H, 1/2 cup Back to Nature Maple Medley, a banana and 1 cup of hemp milk.  Yum!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  Last night after posting I had a craving for something sweet, and thought it was a great opportunity to try out my new PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams!  


I spread it on a piece of banana apple bread and OH. MY. GOODNESS.  I don't think I need to say anymore.

After breakfast and blogs I did a little cleaning, then went to my favorite vinyasa yoga class at Studio 206. It was amazing as usual.  We spent a lot of time working on our hamstrings which was wonderful and is going to be so beneficial to my training.  I've only been back at yoga for about 3 weeks now but it feels so great to be there.  I've always been pretty flexible so its been an easy transition back into my old favorite classes, I just need to work on my upper body strength.  I don't have a gym membership, but I do have a couple of sets of handheld weights at home.  Does anybody have any good suggestions of great at-home strength training dvd's that I could order on Netflix???

For lunch I decided to try out a sweet potato and black beans combo!!!  This was my first, but I've been reading about it on blogs for a few weeks now and was dying to try it.  I had an extra baked sweet potato leftover from my BSI submission, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity (especially since the hubby had leftover pizza to make him happy, he wasn't such a fan of the sweet potato for lunch idea).


It was fantastic!!!!!  I used one medium-sized sweet potato, 1/2 tbsp Earth Balance buttery spread, 1/4 cup black beans, 1/4 cup corn, chopped scallions and sea salt.  So simple, so delicious and so filling.  :)

After lunch Brian and I did some yard work for about an hour...its been a pretty good activity day!  Which will make up for the fact that tonight we are making a favorite, classic dinner.  Chicken tenders, homemade mac + cheese and green beans.  Yum.  This week's menu has a few more hubby-friendly meals on it (thus the homemade pizza last night, mac + cheese tonight...).  While I can subsist on veggies and grains pretty much every night of the week, his tall frame and ridiculously-speedy metabolism don't do well with that kind of diet.  So, this week my challenge is to strike a healthy balance of good-for-me meals with good-for-hubby meals.  I don't think that means changing a whole lot, I think it just means adding in meat for him to eat in addition to my veggies and grains...and a few comfort food favorites.  :)