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happy christmas eve!!!



Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!!  The hubb and I made it safely to Florida late last night after a grueling 14-1/2 hour drive...blech.  We’re happy to be home with family and are getting ready to head out to some Christmas Eve festivities, so this will be a quick recap post.

Thank you all for the lovely compliments about our holiday gift boxes!  They were such fun to make, and relatively easy!

I have to post this adorable picture of Hank...he just has to keep his head between our seats so that he feels like he's in the front with us.  Such a cutie!


Eats recap...

Breakfast Tuesday:  Whole wheat everything bagel with egg beaters and a slice of muenster.  


Lunch Tuesday:  6” Subway veggie sub on whole wheat with ranch dressing along with a bag of baked Lays.


Snacks Tuesday:  Dried apple slices, a few corn nuts (a favorite of the hubb’s!) and a Norman Love Truffle from Bri’s family.  I also had a bean burrito from Taco Bell for an evening snack because we didn’t get in until 10pm but my parents were holding dinner for us.




Dinner Tuesday:  My stepfather’s amazing meatloaf (I’ll post a recipe sometime soon), my momma’s macaroni and cheese, and homemade mango ice cream.  I love being home for the holidays!!!





Oh!  And I got up early this morning and went for a lovely run...I'm loving this 75* Florida weather!!!

Gotta go!  Have a fabulous Christmas everybody!!!  :)