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turkey day review


I hope everybody had a simply fabulous Thanksgiving!  Ours was full of amazing company, fantastic food, lots of wine and tons of laughter.  We had a fabulous time hosting and are so grateful for our wonderful friends who helped us to have an amazing day.  

I started the morning with a 3-1/2 mile run/walk with Lucy to try and get the energy out of her in preparation for our company.  She has a tendency to get pretty hyper when we have people over, so I wanted her to be as mellow as possible.  We ran about 1-3/4 miles of the total distance, which was great for both of us.  I haven't run much with her, especially since her surgeries this summer, so it took awhile to get our pace right but then she was a champ.

When we got back I had a big bowl of cereal with 1/2 cup Kashi H2H, 1/2 cup Back to Nature Maple Nut Medley, 1 banana, sprinkle of pom seeds and 1 cup Silk soymilk.


Then, I jumped in to help Brian prep our big T-Day dinner!  In this case, I feel that pictures are definitely worth more than words, so here's a recap of our day...

Morning Preparation

dinner rolls




nana's apple crisp (recipe coming soon!)



veggies to roast


country bread and sage dressing







Our guests arrived while the turkey was smoking and the veggies were roasting. We worked on munchies for a couple of hours...


white sangria with mango and star fruit


cheese, fig spread, crackers, olives, etc.


And finally, the feast!!!




Our guests with Brian...


Our guests with me...


Such an amazing day we had!!!  I haven't had a chance to read all of your Thanksgiving posts...but I can't wait!  I'm hoping to play catch-up tonight and this weekend.  

Ok, quick recap of today's eats.

Breakfast:  We got up this morning to shop, luckily the stores we wanted to go to didn't open 'till 8am anyway so we were able to sleep 'till 7:30.  I grabbed 1/2 a Clif Mojo PB Pretzel bar and a banana to chow on in the car ( pics).  After shopping for a few hours and finding some incredible deals, we went to Bodo's Bagels for a real breakfast.  I had eggbeaters, muenster and tomato on a whole wheat everything bagel.


I also went to the running shop this morning to report my test runs to my coach.  I'm still having some foot and knee pain with the inserts we put in my shoes so he actually gave me a pair of shoes out of the store to try out with the training group tomorrow, no charge!!!  He says if they work I can come back in and pay for them tomorrow, and if they don't we will try something different.  How great is that?!?!? 

Late lunch/dinner:  Leftovers!!!  I decided I'm not counting my calories for yesterday or today, its just too hard and I'll get back on track tomorrow.  No biggie.  We munched on some cheese and crackers and fig spread while our t-day eats heated in the oven.  Not all of this though, don't worry!!!  :)



My leftovers plate.


One of my lovely dinner rolls.


And a winterbock from Star Hill, a local brewery.


Turns out I wasn't as hungry as I thought. Here's what was left when I was totally stuffed.


But an hour later I was ready for apple crisp...


Whew!!! That was quite the recap. I hope that everybody has a lovely Friday night...we are laying low and recovering from yesterday's festivities. Stay tuned for Nana's Apple Crisp recipe!